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جديد سيمو بن بشير .ALEIX MAXIMUS BAZZI - Interview with Simo Benbachir.2019

جديد سيمو بن بشير .ALEIX MAXIMUS BAZZI - Interview with Simo Benbachir.2019
جديد سيمو بن بشير .ALEIX MAXIMUS BAZZI - Interview with Simo Benbachir.2019
The first moroccan tv reporter in Hollywood in an exclusive interview with Dr. Bazzi is a Triple Board Certified Physician in 3 Specialties including Cosmetic/Aesthetic Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Rheumatology (Musculoskeletal System).  He has been a well-respected physician with over 20 years of expertise.  He is dedicated to ongoing education in his field to bring the latest techniques for enhancing his patients' beauty.   

His Cosmetic Practice is located in the heart of Beverly Hills, "The Golden Triangle," on the well known and iconic Rodeo Drive, where the rich and famous come for their high-end shopping and Aesthetic procedures from all over the world.  Dr. Bazzi has treated numerous VIP clients from around the country and abroad.  He has a very methodical & careful approach to the craft.

Member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (Board Certified)
Member of the American Board of Cosmetic & Aesthetic Medicine
Member of the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association (Certified)
Fellow of the American College of Internal Medicine [FACP],(Board Certified) 
Fellow of the American College of Rheumatology [FACR], (Board Certified)
Graduate of Scripps Clinic & Scripps Green Hospital
Graduate of Spectrum Health & Michigan State University

Simo Benbachir is none other than the first Moroccan TV reporter-who also happens to be the first to cover Hollywood's largest events like the Grammys and the Oscars. He is notable for interviewing well-known celebrities and delivering a most sought-after opinions and fresh points of view to his Arabic audience.

When Simo Benbachir was still young, he started working as a reporter for 2M, the second Moroccan TV channel. After some time, he switched over to a Tunisian-based channel,Nessma TV and later on, to B-Beirut, a Lebanese TV channel whose transmission went as far as the whole of Arab world. He became the showbiz reporter of Alrabiya News English in year 2014, and has remained put ever since. The events he covers are those that are internationally full of glamour, particularly the US based ones. So far, he remains Hollywood's only Moroccan TV reporter.

Several European magazines has ranked Simo Benbachir as the most popular Moroccan TV personality. He is one of the faces of Kastiani magazine and was described as "The Reporter of Star, The Star of Reporters". In addition to that, the Version Homme magazine lists him among the most influential Moroccan Media personalities and he graces their cover page. In 2017, he received the Brukmer Press Honorary Award in Belgium.

He has to his many credits, the skill for making his interviewers relaxed to the point of being friendly with him and sharing their secrets. This is the major reason he is most sought-after. Many youngsters in Arab and Morocco look up to this hood-Hollywood star for motivation.

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