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taroudant press : Who is the 46th President of the United States of America? 07.11.2020

taroudant press : Who is the 46th President of the United States of America? 07.11.2020

 taroudant press : Who is the 46th President of the United States of America? 07.11.2020

On Saturday, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the US presidential election, according to expectations published by US media, ending his rival Donald Trump's ambition to stay at the helm of the United States for a second term.

The new president convinced voters that he had the experience and the political vision to erase the traces of Trump's “troubled” rule on the country. Biden wants to heal the wounds of the United States, torn by the economic and health crisis and racial inequality.


In the presidential race, American voters chose to turn the page on Donald Trump in power, by voting for the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, as he received the votes of more than 270 senior voters, which is the number necessary to win the US presidential elections, according to what US media reported.

With this victory, Biden will be the oldest president ever elected in the history of the United States, after two attempts to win the presidential race in 1988 and 2008.

Will Biden really be the best solution to turn the page on Trump after four years of 'slapstick' in the White House? The former Delaware Senator believes that. He is casting the weight of his experience in Washington to try to restore the dignity of executive power that the former reality TV star who identifies as a billionaire has wrested.

Although there are a number of commonalities between Biden and Trump, as both of them embody the white man who has passed the age of seventy, the new president prefers to see himself as an “anti” to Trump: an experienced politician, able to open up to the opponent, and above all Admit his mistakes.

Biden is the son of the toiling class

Joe Biden's full name is Joseph Robinette Biden, born into a Catholic family of Irish ancestry on November 20, 1942, in the labor town of Scranton in northeastern Pennsylvania.

The democratic candidate always credits his goodness, perseverance and sympathy with the other to his origins, as he does not tire of mentioning his father, the man who knew wealth and poverty and who worked hard throughout his life, sometimes in cleaning ovens and at other times in selling used cars, so that his children would never lose anything.

Biden always likes to emphasize the patriarchal sayings during his gatherings, including 'Oh son, the man does not classify the number of times he fails and falls, but rather the speed of his rise,' a piece of advice that Joe Biden Jr. had to adopt quickly. Decades before Donald Trump described him as a 'sleepy atmosphere,' Biden was always mocked in his school because of his stutter, which he overcame by reading poetry aloud in front of his mirror.

At the age of thirteen, his family moved to Delaware. In 1968, Biden obtained a degree in attorneys and quickly became a court attorney at a time when the state witnessed a series of riots and arrests over the murder of Martin Luther King.

And when he was 29, he decided to take politics his way and, surprisingly, he managed to defeat the outgoing Republican senator in 1972 to make Biden the fifth youngest US senator in history.

Tragic events affected his life

But his joy with this victory was short-lived. After a few weeks passed, specifically days before Christmas, his wife, Nelia, and his daughter Naomi, died in a car accident, and his two young sons, Bo and Hunter, were also injured. After this tragic accident, Biden almost gave up his seat to take care of his two injured children, but his colleagues convinced him to complete his custody. Indeed Biden took the oath next to his two sons' hospital bed.

Because of the accident, Biden was forced to return daily by train to his home in Wilmington, Delaware, after finishing his shift in Washington. Biden maintained this habit throughout his career in the Senate, which earned him another nickname, 'Amtrak Go' (after the American Railroad Company). Despite the cruelty of the tragedy, it was not the last tragedy in Biden's life. During his second term as vice president, his son Poe, who was a state attorney in Delaware, died in 2015 at the age of 46 after a struggle with brain cancer.

Biden said his son Bo was encouraging him on his deathbed, to take a new race to the White House. Biden’s second wife, Jill, was also instrumental in encouraging him, as she fought all his election campaigns alongside him for 40 years.

A candidate who can make friends and compromise between the two parties

Throughout his six terms as a senator, Biden was a respected figure on the Capitol. At the head of the Judiciary Committee, he made a name for himself in 1987 when he led the negative vote for Robert Burke, the hard-line conservative and President Ronald Reagan's Supreme Court nominee.

His ability to strike deals with moderate Republicans has become his hallmark, but at the same time he has aroused the caution of the Democratic left wing.

During the 1990s, Biden used his statesmanship to reach bipartisan agreements on key Bill Clinton projects, notably the prohibition of offensive weapons and the adoption of a law on violence against women in 1994.

During the era of Barack Obama, Joe Biden tried to use his negotiation skills, but his task became difficult in the face of the increasing intransigence of the Republican camp, as the leader of the Republican minority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, kept his followers under surveillance, stressing that the 'major' task of the Republican Party is not to go beyond Obama's mandate. One presidential term. Despite these pressures, Joe Biden played a crucial role in most last-minute budgeting deals to avoid or end government 'closures'.

As for foreign policy, Joe Biden was equally heavy in the executive branch, although he repeatedly missed the right judgment, such as when he asked for the attack on bin Laden to be postponed due to insufficient information available.

Biden promised during his election campaign that he would return to the Paris climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal, after Trump withdrew from them. The Democrat also hopes to re-establish ties with traditional allies of the United States, which he has dislocated



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